Frequently Asked Questions

What is our project?
PT. ROBUST MULTILAB SOLUSINDO (RMS) is a leading Indonesian company specializing in the Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Laboratory System, Furniture, Fitting and Fit-out Packages for Research Center, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Industries, Pharmaceutical, Semi Conductor Industry and other facilities.
What standard does we refer to?
Design Criteria Primary Reference:
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 45) standart on fire protection for laboratories using chemicals.
  • NFPA 30 Flammable and combustible liquids code and the American’s standart for laboratory ventilation.
  • ANSI/ANHA Z9.5, ASHRAE standart 55 “Thermal Environment Conditions for Human Occupancy.
  • ASHRAE 110-R and the Americans with disabilities act.
Can PT. Robust Multilab Solusindo works with my people to design my laboratory space?
Absolutely, we can design your lab independently by our trained people or in accordance to your architect’s preference. We always provide the best service and professional manner. Please contact us to discuss your laboratory design needs.
What are the added values of our service?
  • We will provide the best and professional service to every customer with fast response.
  • Provide an efficient solution to your specifications and reference laboratory.
  • Our team are highly experienced, skilled and creative in designing various types of laboratory.
  • We would be very open to provide free consultation to the customers.

What can we do for you ?

PT. Robust Multilab Solusindo welcomes the opportunity to share our product information with you and to learn more about your application or laboratory needs. Please complete the form below and an our representative will contact you. Thank you very much for your time and your interest in our product.

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