Laboratory Prototype


Primary Laboratory Design

Design Criteria Primary Reference

a. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 45) standart on fire protection for laboratories using chemicals.

b. NFPA 30 Flammable and combustible liquids code and the American’s standart for laboratory ventilation.

c. ANSI/ANHA Z9.5, ASHRAE standart 55 “Thermal Environment Conditions for Human Occupancy.

d. ASHRAE 110-R and the Americans with disabilities act.


The purpose of these DC is to establish minimum design requirements for laboratory furniture and fume hoods, to maintains sufficient airflow in laboratory facilities and to prevent undesirable exposures to chemical contaminants among chemist and staff laboratory.

Project design documents shall not proceed beyond preliminary design until they have been reviewed and accepted by the institutions’s facilities/engineering department, physical plant, environmental safety, the involved academic unit and the board of regents office of facilities (safety department).

Variance requests shall be submitted as early as possible during schematic or preliminary design and shall be in writing to the board of regents vice chancellor for facilities. Such requests shall include detailed discussion of the logic for the variance, appropriate justification, verification of institution’s support for the proposed variance and details of the proposed design. Approved variances shall be in writing, by the board of regents vice chancellor for facilities.


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